Google, you have stolen my brain

I want it back.

The necessity of surviving without a permanent internet connection has led to some damning realisations about how ludicrously useless we are at remembering things, without Uncle Google. Most hotels have free wifi, but during the day out and about on the so-not-information-highways, you’re on your own. No GPS, no IMDb, no wikipedia.

Sitting at lunch in Uchasar, we got to talking about movies, somehow. To be honest,  KV and I have just conferred and neither can remember how we actually got to discussing Love Actually, further proof of systemic brain theft.

I maintain that we were discussing Gravity, and how we should see it in 3D even if it requires listening to a Turkish dubbed soundreel. KV made some reference to how the only other space movie she thinks of when Gravity is mentioned is that one Julia Roberts was in – when she was playing the superstar Anna Scott, in Notting Hill (long lunch to discuss the tricky issues).

anna scottSubsequent to that Love Actually was mentioned, whereby agreement was reached that neither could recall the full plot depite having seen it about 1,710,000 times each.

A decision was made, not taken lightly, that the wifi password would not be procured from the current hotelier until we had the plot down pat. Try it now, you think it’s easy, but it’s not. I’ll give you ten minutes, then come back and have a look at our flow charts, which we resorted to after half a bottle of wine and a couple of gin and tonics.

Obviously KV is the natural lawyer of the two of us: note the structured, systematic reasoning evident in her paper. Mine…it’s, um, creative.

Here’s my diary entry from that fateful day, 26 hours after we made the decision to work it out ourselves and not use Uncle Google.

Krissy just burned my choc-vanilla cake/toast, which we are devouring in place of going outside, walking. This is despite being in Cappadocia, the most famous of Turkey’s hiking regions and home to unique, incredible and marvelous experiences involving fairy chimneys.

To use our time productively while we laze inside, we have determined to work out the cast and relationships of everyone in Love Actually. It’s about ageing, concerns with fading memory and overreliance on Google. So fuck you, Google. Between us, we’ve seen this move about ten times. We will remember. And damned if im missing out on the internet. Here goes:

Turkey beach to cappadoccia 161Turkey beach to cappadoccia 162KV summaryIn case you’re wondering, here are some clues

Oh and dont forget these guys, we did…john and judy

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