That’s right, contraband internet and a night on the shisha…again

Dont panic (for the thousands of you that clearly were)…. We’re in the heart of Iran, nine days into our government imposed detox – no booze, very little coffee but a hellava lot of sugar. Oh yes, replace one addiction with the other, what an excellent plan.

It’s nearly 11pm and we’ve snuck into a friends internet cafe (which they’ve opened up especially for the crazy Aussies), using the proxy to scoot round the bans on facebook and the blog – there will be many posts to come, but you’ll have to hold onto your hats until I get to Dubai when the keyboards are easier to use and I dont have to listen to old J-Lo tracks while im writing (J-Lo? Of course I love her. Of course).

Off to the desert for a few days at the end of the week, leaving Esfahan and its dry river bed behind.

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